From £58
    Ladies Short (Pixie/Clippers) Cut   From £58
    Ladies Curly Cut (With Diffuser)   From £58
    XL Ladies Cut (Thick/Long/Extensions)   From £68
    XL Ladies Curly Cut (Thick/Long/Extensions)   From £68
    Mens Cut   From £45
    Mens Skin Fade ( Grade 0 and under )   From £50

Blow Dry




From £40

    Medium   From £45
    Long     From £50
    XL Long   From £55

Hair Up & Style 

    Hair Up   From £55
    Bridal Trial - 1.5 - 2 hours   From £85
    Bridal Hair up (A trial is required before booking this service. Price is based on trial consultation)   From £55

Colour Services

All Colour Services include a Toner 

Rough Blowdry After Colour, £15 Blowdryor Haircut Must be Booked with all Colour Services 

A consultation is required prior to appointment for all virgin bleaches 

    Full Head Highlights   From £175
    Half Head Highlights   From £150
    T-Section Highlights   From £130
    Balayage     From £195
    With Root Colour   From £200
    Balayage/Highlights Transformation (Virgin hair, Long/Thick hair, Fully grown out color)   From £210
    Bleach - Root Retouch ( Less than 6 weeks )   From £140
    Bleach - Root Retouch ( 6 - 8 Weeks Regrowth )

Bleach - Full Head ( 8+ weeks Regrowth or Virgin Hair )


From £160

From £175
    Bleach Face Framing   From £100


    Toner & Blow Dry SHORT    From £50

Toner & Blowdry MEDIUM

  From £60
    Toner & Blowdry LONG   From £70

Crazy Colour 

  From £40
    Tint (ROOTS)   From £100
    Tint (FULL HEAD)   From £120
    Semi-Permanent Colour SHORT   From £75
    Semi Permanent Colour MEDIUM  

From £80

    Semi Permanent Colour LONG    From £90

Hair Extensions

All Appointments can only be booked following consultation. 50% deposit and cost of hair required at point of booking

    Tape Extensions Installation   From £270
    Extensions Maintainance (Recommended 8-12 weeks)   From £270
    Extensions Removal only (With Wash and Blowdry)   From £120

Keratin Revolution

    Keratin Revolution SHORT   From £160  
    Keratin Revolution MEDIUM   From £180
    Keratin Revolution LONG    From £200


    Olaplex - Add on to colour or cut services   £35
    Olaplex & Blowdry SHORT   £45
    Olaplex & Blowdry MEDIUM   £55
    Olaplex & Blowdry LONG   £65
    Olaplex & Blowdry XL   £70


    Evo Great Hydrator Treatment   £15
    Evo Mane Attention Protein Treatment   £15
    Evo Topdrops Repair Concerntrate    £25
    Wella Shinefinity for infinate shine and smooth hair    £30

We use Wella colour.

Cancellations within 48hours or less and No Shows will be subject to a 50% surcharge 

Please note prices are subject to change during consultation with stylist.

Change of service from your original booking on the day may incur a late cancellation fee.

If you have any questions about services please call the salon on 0207 426 2121