Women's cut & blowdry £50
Men's cut & style £42
Blow Dry Short: £30
Med: £35
Long: £40
Hair Up/Style From £45
Fringe Trim £5
(Free if you see your regular
stylist between hair cuts)
Full Head Highlights From £135
Half Head Highlights From £115
T-Section Highlights From £95
With Natural Roots From £140
With Root Colour From £160
Bleach - Root Retouch From £110
Bleach- Root Retouch (6-8 Weeks Regrowth)

Bleach-Full Head(8+ weeks Regrowth or Virgin Hair)

From £130

From £145
Highlight and bleach prices
include a toner
Toner (includes blowdry)  
Short From £45
Medium From £55
Long From £65
Tint (Full head) From £90
Tint (Root retouch) From £70
Semi-Permanent Colour From £60
- As addition to colour £30
Olaplex stand-alone (with blowdry)  
Short From £45
Medium From £55
Long From £65
Olaplex No. 2 (As an additional service only) £15
Nourishing Treatment £10
Childrens' Cut (under 12) £23
Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm

We use Wella colour.

Cut and colour services include blow dry finish