Fountain Blue

The ultimate colour without commitment. High voltage pop paint delivers high intense coloured hair paint, available in six fantastic shades. Applied from a spray it dries instantly and can be washed out with a single shampoo. Delivers intense colour on all depths of light to dark hair. Rain resistant and will not stain skin or hair.

 High intense colour
, bright results even on black hair
. Dries instantly
 with no staining of skin or hair
. Easily washes out with a single shampoo
. Rain resistant

Available in Sub Lime, Pretty Peach, Fountain Blue, Bondi Bleach, Purr Pull, Panther Pink


Can be sprayed directly on or sprayed onto hand or finger tips and worked into hair. Try mixing colours to create new shades or create pastel colours by mixing any of the shades with Bondi Bleach white. Although High Voltage Pop Paint does easily shampoo out of hair, on extremely rare occasions if used heavily or on certain porous hair types, some residue may remain, this can be removed using a small amount of alcohol based hand sanitiser on a tissue and gently drawn through the hair. The sanitiser will not effect or harm your hair in any way.

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